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Logos and Brand Elements

American International College’s Athletics department maintains a unique set of brand elements and marks to be used in communications materials, on uniforms, in signage, and as needed to identify Athletics-focused content. Without prior approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications, no prior or alternative Athletics brand marks should be used.


Primary Logo (“Rex”)


The illustrated image of the Yellow Jackets mascot serves as the primary identifying mark from American International College Athletics materials. No variations of the Rex logo mark should be used without prior approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications.


AIC Athletics Lettermark

AIC Letter mark

The scripted “AIC” Lettermark, featuring several approved variations to best suit the mark’s use, are approved as an identifying mark for AIC Athletics communications. This mark may be used in place of the Rex primary logo when deemed appropriate.


Yellow Jackets Wordmark

Yellow Jacket

In situations where the College is otherwise identifiable or when deemed unnecessary, the Yellow Jackets wordmark may be used as an identifying brand mark for AIC’s Athletics department.


Social Media

Consistent with best practices in NCAA programs, AIC maintains general Athletics social media accounts as well as individual program-specific accounts. Unless otherwise specified, the College’s general social media best practices should be implemented. Content for program-specific accounts should be in alignment with Athletics Communications and imagery, including profile graphics, should be consistent with those guidelines outlined by the Office of Marketing and Communications.


Web Graphics Other Media

AIC Athletics makes use of the Box Out Sports platform to create high-quality, customizable graphics consistent with the College’s brand. Game graphics for social media, email, web, or other use should be created using pre-approved Box Out Sports templates unless otherwise specified.


Printed Materials, Signage, and Banners

Traditional print or large format printed materials should be requested through the Office of Marketing and Communications. Design and print setup assistance are available as needed.


Apparel and Uniforms

To ensure AIC’s student-athletes are easily recognizable, apparel and uniforms should be produced using the following guidelines unless otherwise specified or approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications or senior Athletics administration:

  • Color: Base color for any AIC Athletics apparel or uniforms should be gold, black, or white unless otherwise specified. Avoid using grey, blue, or other colors, neutral or otherwise, outside of the primary AIC brand palette.
  • Logos and Marks: One of the primary three Athletics marks should be visible on any AIC Athletics uniforms or apparel. Avoid using unauthorized alternatives such as “American” or “American International” without the full name of the College.
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